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What is the future of the Northern Powerhouse?

Education policy and Competitiveness: Secondary School Reform in UK

Reform in the market for Higher Education in England

A critical time for the NHS

Are European Elections Bad for Democracy?

Where have all the voters gone....

Freedom of Education and Students’ Assessments

Latest publications

The IREF in The Economist

Nicolas Lecaussin was quoted by The Economist (July 6th - Juy12th, 2013) about a report written with Lucas Léger on French high school economic textbooks. "The IREF study last year" said the Economist, "showed that, in one tome’s 382 pages, only 18 were devoted to business. "Entrepreneurs and (...)

School Choice Success in the US

The Friedman Foundation has published a report about the 22 American States that enforce school choice thanks to vouchers. Children’s work is better, teaching’s quality has improved and the overall cost of the school system is cheaper which is a benefit to low-income (...)

Professional Training Reform: A New Financial System

The “Personal Professional Training Account” is one of the most interesting measures taken in the reform of the professional training sector announced by President François Hollande on March 4th in Blois, France. It is the first time that the “voucher principle” would be applied for the use of (...)

A market for education: IREF study looks at the Swedish experience

The Swedish education market is one of the freest of the world. As such, it is one of the most interesting to study. Authored by Jacob Arfwedson, the IREF report “Vouchers and Free Schools: the Swedish Experience” provides striking insights into the dynamics of a budding free market in (...)

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