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UK government is wrong. 5p for plastic bags *is* a tax. And it’s badly designed.

How taxes have created the cheating Volkswagen

Improving the environment in the EU: taxation does not work, property rights do.

Grab on African resources deepens. Not by China, but by the EU.

Odd Odd-Number Experiment Has Odd Consequences. What Are The Odds?

Anti-Pollution Measures: A Third Of Abuse Of Power, A Third Of Mismanagement And A Third Of Demagoguery

Latest publications

Climate change
What we know, what we don’t know. What to do and what not to do. By Francesco Ramella

WP 2017-02. Executive summary
The prevailing opinion among national governments and supranational institutions is that climate change science is settled and drastic cuts in the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases will be necessary in the next few decades to prevent dangerous climate (...)

The Precautionary Principle Against Science

The culture of the single transgenic maize (MON810 , produced by Monsanto) approved by the European Union has been banned from France. It is the third time since 2008 that genetically modified corn is banned from the French territory. The decree of March 15th states that "in light of scientific (...)

European Energy Policy Is a Failure

Security supply is not guaranteed, energy cost will increase and CO2 emissions will not be reduced. This is an obvious failure that Jean Pierre Riou, President of Mont Champot, has clearly seen. The IREF support his analysis.

A Green Economy or An Economy Painted in Green

What if the « green economy » was just a joke? It has become trendy to label every activity as green. Thus environmentalism seems to be at the heart of the economy. Lucas Léger, IREF researcher, analyzed the Happy Planet Index and reveals the (...)

The Patriotic Tax Incentive

Diesel cars should eventually disappear in France. According to the French Court of Auditors (Cour des Comptes) the fact that gas oil is less expensive than regular unleaded gas causes a loss of 7 billion euros for the Government. Things must change. Yet, it is not that easy: 60% of the French (...)

Green jobs: a myth that destroys real jobs

By Nicolas Lecaussin
The French government recently announced the creation of 100 000 green jobs over the next three years. The goal is of course to stem rising unemployment. However, the tangible results of creating green jobs in several countries, as well as the real costs of these jobs, (...)

Energy and Environmental Taxation: Theory and Practice within the EU

Environmental tax reforms have a history of almost two decades and were viewed as a way to the better world the “double-dividend” theory predicted. Much “political capital” has been invested in policies leading to environmental tax reforms on European and national levels from 1992 (the year of the (...)

The Past and Future of Biofuels

The global use of modern biofuels for transport is relatively recent and underwent rapid growth since the turn of this century. However, its performances in economic, energetic and environmental terms have recently been seriously questioned. Large-scale production of this renewable energy seems (...)

Energy Policy and Energy Taxation in the EU

This report offers a survey of EU energy taxation scheme and provides some insights on the possible outcomes of current EU policy in the energy domain. The authors are reviewing the existing legislation, namely the Council Directive 2003/96/EC and are analyzing the possible economic ground for (...)

The Carbon Tax Has Been Abandoned

We are delighted to announce that the French government definitely abandoned the project to ntroduce a carbon tax. This decision came after the ruling of the Constituional Council at the end of 2009 against this tax and the discontent of the public opinion (IREF and Contribuables Associés (...)

The French Constitutional Council rejected the carbon tax

The French Constitutional Council pronounced a negative opinion on the cherished by President Sarkozy and his government carbon tax project.
The carbon tax was meant to apply on products related to high emissions of CO2, like petrol, gas, coal, fuel oil, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) when used (...)

2 750 € for each French farmer

Without any preliminary consultation with the Parliament, the French President Sarkozy announced a subsidy of 1.65 € billions for the agricultural sector. It is hard to imagine where Sarkozy will find this money, given the current economic context and the quasi bankruptcy of the French (...)

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