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IREF Jean-Philippe Delsol has been quoted in a CBN News article about the rich and young French who are leaving France !
"The problem in France is the level of taxes," Delsol said. "The kind of taxes is changing almost every day. It’s too difficult to start a company, too difficult to hire (...)

IREF Bookseller: "Before It’s News"
Before It’s News

Jean-Philippe’s Delsol’s Iref bestseller has been quoted in "Before It’s News":
Read: Paul Krugman Is (Sort of) Right about a Plot against France

"Why I Am Going To Leave France" in the Financial Post
IREF bestseller revieweb by the Financial Post

The IREF bestseller written by Jean-Philippe Delsol has been reviewed in the Financial Post.
Read the Article: More than half working-age French live off the state, tax lawyer calculates

"Why I Am Going To Leave France" in the Marginal Revolution
IREF bestseller revieweb by Marginal Revolution

The IREF bestseller written by Jean-Philippe Delsol has been reviewed in Marginal Revolution.
Read the Article: Claims about France

"Why I Am Going To Leave France" in the Telegraph
IREF Bestseller in the Telegraph

The IREF bestseller written by Jean-Philippe Delsol has been reviewed in the Telegraph.
Read the Article: Half of France’s active workforce ’living off state

"Why I’m Going To Leave France"
The Telegraph Reviewed Jean-Philippe Delsol’s Last Book

Would you stay in a country where 14.5 million people out of the country’s 28 million-strong workforce are - one way or another - making a living off taxpayers’ money? If you are an entrepreneur, you’d rather leave. This topic is at the heart of Jean-Philippe Delsol’s last book "Why I am Going To (...)

IREF to Financial Times: "No Belief In A Real Recovery"

Nicolas Lecaussin, Development Director of the IREF, was interviewed by the Financial Times (24/10) about France’s odds to get out of economic recession. Owing to the incredible increase of taxation and the ever-growing number of regulations, France is far from (...)

A New Fiscal Trap In France

Jean-Philippe Delsol has published an op-ed in the French newspaper Les Echos on February 20th about the relationship between entrepreneurs and the French fiscal administration.

IREF Study on Free Schools in Sweden

The IREF Study on the free school system and the use of vouchers was quoted in the Italian information website il Post.
Read the article

Are entrepreneurs still tolerated in France?

This is the question asked by the IHT journalist in an article published on 4 February, dealing with French entrepreneurs, taxation and exile. The works of IREF are quoted.
Read the article.

IREF study cited in L’Express

The IREF study on the professional background of parliamentarians and the relative absence of entrepreneurs in Parliament in various countries was extensively presented by columnist Christine Kerdellant in L’Express (30 January 2013). Read the article (in (...)


IREF Fellow Jacob Arfwedson was featured in this recent CBN coverage of France, warning US policy makers against copying deficit spending, a bloated Welfare State and entitlements, saying the Obama administration seems to be going French. Additional commentary was provided by our distinguished (...)

IREF in Republican American

IREF Board Member Jean-Philippe Delsol’s article "Flight of the French entrepreneurs"’ was published in the Republican American on 31 December 2012.

France’s wealth and brain drain

Véronique de Rugy (Mercatus Center, George Mason University) cited Jean-Philippe Delsol’s recent article in her National Review chronicle (18 December 2012) and also discussed related issues to the French tax revolt on Fox Business (...)

What the rich are good for

ABC blogger Edurne Uriarte extensively quotes the book by Jean-Philippe Delsol in commenting on Gérard Depardieu’s tax exile.
"It’s the fact that, because Depardieu is rich, he is as such suspected of shady dealings and responsible for the crisis (…) writes Uriarte. Historically, he has been (...)

Can the last taxpayer leaving France please cut the lights

IREF Board Member Jean-Philippe Delsol’s article was featured on Forbes (17 December 2012) among the top 5 in the most-read list.

The facts on tax evasion in France

Lucas Léger, IREF Research Fellow was interviewed by RFI on IREF’s work on tax evasion.
Listen to the program

IREF Yearbook on Taxation cited in Sweden

Svensk Tidskrift, a Swedish review on politics, economics and culture founded in 1911, examines the IREF Yearbook (14 December 2012). The author, Anders Ydstedt, is a regular contributor to the yearbook on Swedish tax policies. He stresses that since 2000 tax revenues have increased by SEK 400 (...)

IREF in Books

The IREF study on textbooks was cited in the December 2012 issue of the French literary magazine Books.

How to cut taxes and finally get out of the Keynesian dead end

In the United States as in most European countries, the economy is crushed by government debt and the most urgent task is a balanced budget. The French government’s ambition is therefore laudable, but the means applied are inadequate and even counterproductive. Having barely reined in the (...)

"Belgium is not a tax haven, but France is a tax inferno!"

What’s the point of a Swiss bank account? Is Belgium still a tax haven? Tax lawyer Thierry Afschrift, member of the IREF Board, was interviewed in Belgian daily La Libre Belgique on 10 November 2012. Read the article.

Shale gas for wealth and job creation

In the United States and Canada where shale gas is produced, this industry impacts gas prices but also yields substantial employment. According to IHS Global Insight, a consultancy, the development of shale gas created some 600,000 jobs for a total investment of 33 billion dollars in 2010. (...)

IREF in South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post (15 October 2012) reported on the coming 75 per cent tax on the wealthy, quoting IREF’s Deputy Director Jean-Philippe Delsol, saying the tax is populist and plays on a historic Gallic antipathy to the rich. Read (...)

IREF study cited in The Economist

As eloquently stated by The Economist (13 October 2012), "the textbooks children learn from in school reveal and shape national attitudes - and should provoke debate. The survey "Textbooks around the world" cites IREF’s recent study on French textbooks in economics : "A new study of 400 pages (...)

IREF and Delsol cited by Norwegian daily

The Norwegian daily Dagsavisen picked up the comments by IREF Board Member Jean-Philippe Delsol on the exile of Bernard Arnault and others.
"Tax lawyer Jean-Philippe Delsol, also member of the think tank IREF, says he has already received far more requests than last year from people who seek (...)

Will the supertax spark ’patriotism’ or a brain drain?

The Guardian (14 Sept 2012) interviewed IREF Board Member Jean-Philippe Delsol on French attitudes to entrepreneurs and the future 75 per cent tax on the rich.

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