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Fiscal competition
and economic freedom

Institute and Experts

The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues was founded in 2002 by representatives of the civil society coming from the academic and business world and willing to establish an efficient platform to investigate fiscal and taxation questions. As a matter of fact, taxation may be considered as a many-faceted issue and existing studies are mostly incomplete if not biased. The need to explore systematically and completely the question was obvious to IREF’s founding members. It can be asserted that this need has also an emergency aspect. Tax studies can no longer ignore the globalisation process and the consequences of this evolution on the magnitude of tax competition.
Nowadays IREF’s research interests are numerous and range from taxation to education, from public spending to housing, from health care to retirement. Policy makers are currently under the strain of two opposite forces: centralisation and harmonization on one hand, devolution and competition and globalization on the other hand. Eager to cross knowledge from economics, statistics, law studies and politics, IREF seeks to create a starting place for thoughts and proposals about various economic policies. In order to achieve its goals, IREF is editing books, reports and academic studies. IREF’s experts are covering the European current events related to taxation and economic policy and you can find every week on our website their comments and analysis.

Development and Management

Nicolas Lecaussin - Development Manager
Graduated from Sciences-Po Paris, former president of the French think tank IFRAP (Institut français de recherches sur les administrations publiques), founder of Entrepreneur Junior, he published several books on capitalism, Government and public policies.

Lucas Léger - Research Associate

Alexander Fink - Associated Scholar

Mario Pezzino - Associated Scholar

Board of Trustees

Thierry AFSCHRIFT - Lawyer, Afschrift Law Firm, Brussels.
Deputy adviser to the Brussels Court of Appeal, Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Specialist in tax law, including international tax, financial criminal law, mergers and acquisitions and financial instruments and products.

Paul BEAUMARTIN - Entrepreneur.

Enrico COLOMBATTO - Professor of Economics, School of Economics, University of Turin, Director of the International Centre for Economic Research (ICER), Turin.

Victoria CURZON-PRICE - Professor Emeritus at the University of Geneva and past President of the Mont Pèlerin Society.

Jean-Philippe DELSOL - Lawyer, Delsol avocats, Lyon.

Jacques GARELLO - Professor of economics at the University of Aix-Marseille III, founder of the Aix-en-Provence Summer University and President of ALEPS (Association pour la liberté économique et le progress social).

Pierre GARELLO - Professor of economics at the University of Aix-Marseille, France. Director of the Institute for Economic Studies and editor-in-chief of Journal des économistes et des études humaines.

Michael von LIECHTENSTEIN - Chairman of the Board of Industrie- und Finanzkontor Etabl. and Chairman of the Board of Geopolitical Services AG.

Alain MATHIEU - Entrepreneur.

Ji?í SCHWARZ - Director of Centre for Economic and Market Analysis.

Serge TABERY - Lawyer, Tabery & Wauthier, Luxembourg.

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