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5,000 French Left France

"Why I’m Going To Leave France"
The Telegraph Reviewed Jean-Philippe Delsol’s Last Book

Would you stay in a country where 14.5 million people out of the country’s 28 million-strong workforce are - one way or another - making a living off taxpayers’ money? If you are an entrepreneur, you’d rather leave. This topic is at the heart of Jean-Philippe Delsol’s last book "Why I am Going To Leave France." The issue is so hot that the book was reviewed by the Telegraph on the other side of the Channel.

"When you consider that public spending in France now accounts for 57 per cent of gross domestic product, it’s only natural that more than half of the active workforce are paid with public money," stated Jean-Philippe Delsol. The huge nanny state, he said, had "modified the very spirit of (French) society by turning everyone into fonctionnaires".

No wonder that those who care for their individual sovereignty and entrepreneurship are getting out of France.

Read the full article in the Telegraph

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