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Do We Need Direct Internet-Centred Democracy?

by Sergio Beraldo    23 September 2020    0

In recent years, the word “populism” has been everywhere. The first figure shows the rising use of the term by considering the frequency with which it was googled over the 2004-2020 period. As one can see, the US Presidential elections raised considerable interest. Queries reached a peak at the (...)

Will the November US Elections Lead to Changes in Bank Regulation?

by Gordon Kerr, Cavin O’Driscoll with Enrico Colombatto    16 September 2020    0

Whichever candidate wins the forthcoming US election, America’s big banks expect continuing concessions in the two key areas of monetary policy and bank regulation. Monetary policy looks unlikely to change much, with the Federal Reserve (Fed) under Jerome Powell committed to keeping interest (...)

Croatia and Bulgaria: in-waiting of the Euro

by Krassen Stanchev    9 September 2020    0

While Europe’s GDP declines (12.1% in the Eurozone and 11.9% in the EU) and the debate on the EU next 7-year budget becomes heated, the relations between specific countries and the EU went largely unnoticed. The fact in point is that on July 10, the ECB welcomed Bulgaria and Croatia to the ERM2, (...)

Barely any European unicorns: What can the EU do?

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    2 September 2020    0

Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb: these are only few of the numerous companies which have fundamentally changed our lives with new technologies in recent years. While their business models differ, none of the stars come from Europe. Apart from the serial entrepreneurs at Rocket (...)

The economics behind Altman’s warning

by Leonardo Baggiani    26 August 2020    0

Edward Altman is professor emeritus at NYU’s Stern School of Business and director of credit and debt market research at the NYU Salomon Center. He is also the creator of the Z-score: a heuristic index to assess the credit worthiness (and likeliness to default) of companies. The Z-score is built (...)

Why Rutte is good for Italy

by Samuele Murtinu    12 August 2020    1

Last month, after a long exhausting discussion, the European countries reached an agreement on the European Union’s budget, and especially on the Recovery Fund. This latter includes around €312 billion of grants for Member States and €360 billion of loans. Under the hard pressure of the so (...)

The EU Recovery Plan

by Sergio Beraldo    5 August 2020    0

After many days of fierce bargaining, the EU political leaders have eventually achieved an agreement about the magnitude of the stimulus package deemed necessary to restore sound conditions for the European economy. The deal was expected. A fiasco would have badly shaken financial markets (with (...)

Significant progress: healthcare in poor countries

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    29 July 2020    0

Coronavirus has spread quickly across the globe. As a result, healthcare systems in several industrialised countries have been pushed to and beyond the verge of collapse. The virus has now also reached poorer countries in Africa. Although it spreads rather slowly there and hits a younger (...)


by Leonardo Baggiani    22 July 2020    0

Central banks are exploring new monetary policies. Unconventional ones, of course. The Bank of England (BoE) has recently announced one of such attempts. Although the main concern remains how to manage a negative-interest-rates environment, BoE Chief Economist A. Haldane most interestingly (...)

Wirecard Exposes German Regulator BaFin

by Gordon Kerr, Cavin O’Driscoll with Enrico Colombatto    15 July 2020    0

The usual reaction to major accounting-based corporate collapses is that they are ‘one-offs’. When the truth comes out, it is relatively easy to understand the methods and motives of the bad guys, and yet it always seems surprising that auditors and regulatory watchdogs did not spot the (...)

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