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Is the European Central Bank implementing surreptitious debt monetization?

by Sergio Beraldo    8 July 2020    0

There are situations in which people are all but obliged to act differently from what they preach. The latest example was provided the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Lagarde. In mid-March, she declared that the European Central Bank «is not here to close spreads». By (...)

Pricey, Pricier, Pharmaceuticals in the US

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    1 July 2020    0

Five years ago, a US American hedge fund bought the distribution rights for Daraprim, a drug to cure AIDS. Overnight, the price went from $13.50 to $750.00. This price increase caused huge public outrage. Yet, high prices for pharmaceuticals are rather common in the US. No other healthcare (...)

An option for the EU: blow up debt inside a bunker

by Leonardo Baggiani    24 June 2020    0

The economic consequences of Covid-19 will be heavy: a significant portion of production came to a halt for weeks, and international value chains were disrupted. Governments will increase expenditure massively in order to hand out subsidies and respond to unemployment, while tax revenues will (...)

What are the Creditor Countries’ True Exposures Under TARGET 2?

by Gordon Kerr, Cavin O’Driscoll with Enrico Colombatto    17 June 2020    0

Ever since concerns were first voiced in Germany about the Bundesbank’s exposure to the Eurosystem’s payment and settlement system known as TARGET2, the Bundesbank itself has sought to assuage such concerns. In its March 2011 Monthly Report , the Bundesbank accepted that TARGET exposures (...)

Term limits for better governance?

by Alexander Fink, Kalle Kappner, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    3 June 2020    0

The next elections to the German Bundestag have been moved up to autumn 2021. At that moment, Angela Merkel will have served as chancellor for 16 years. As opposed to Helmut Kohl in the 1990s, she does not seek re-election. Nevertheless, her tenure – which has been extraordinarily long for a (...)

Call for research proposals - guidelines and information

by IREF    2 June 2020    0

IREF is a free-market oriented think tank. It promotes ideas, events, and academic research. With regard to research, IREF supports original projects that lead to the production of papers of academic quality of at least 7,000 words. This support is not a prize to published work, nor is it an (...)

New IREF Working Paper: fair income inequality?

by IREF    27 May 2020    0

According to a recent representative survey conducted by Der Spiegel, a majority in Germany does not consider the country’s income distribution to be fair. 47.3 percent of the respondents consider the income distribution to be „definitely not fair“ and for 27.5 percent it is „rather not fair“. (...)

ECB calls for European Integration via a Common Fiscal Policy Response

by Gordon Kerr, Cavin O’Driscoll with Enrico Colombatto    20 May 2020    0

ECB President Lagarde announced a keenly awaited new policy statement on April 30th. There was to be no increase to the Euros 750 billion Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP), but the economic deterioration of member states would be closely watched and, if necessary, the size of the (...)

The consequences of the Covid-19 lockdown: what does history teach us?

by Sergio Beraldo    13 May 2020    0

Last February, this website hosted an article titled «The unintended consequences of coronavirus». At the time the article was published, the situation was not at all dramatic in Europe. For example, the official Covid-19 figures in Italy and Germany mentioned very limited number of cases. (...)

(Not) Making Good the COVID-19-Related Damages: A Law and Economics Lesson

by Riccardo de Caria    6 May 2020    0

The damages caused to individuals and businesses by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic are so vast that it will be almost impossible to make an accurate estimate of them. However, if those who contributed to such destruction can be called to account for it, by way of civil liability, the (...)

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