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Happiness, populist parties and the virtue in the middle

by Luigi Curini    4 March 2020    0

Recently, a new "specter" has been haunting Europe: populist parties (left or right, here we have the full menu) appear to gain more and more approval at the polls. In some cases, they also manage to win the elections and enter the cabinet. From Hungary to Poland, Spain, Italy (and, according (...)

Adjusting to Climate Change: Markets help

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    26 February 2020    0

Climate scientists warn against the possible consequences of anthropogenic climate change. Rising average temperatures make extreme weather, including draughts and floods, more likely; rising sea levels threaten populations in coastal regions. An international political agreement was to limit (...)

The European Stability Mechanism is Critical to the Future Functioning of the Euro

by Gordon Kerr, Cavin O’Driscoll with Enrico Colombatto    19 February 2020    0

In the ten years since the first iteration of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) emerged, its status has changed markedly. Initially, it was just a clever example of financial engineering deployed by the ECB to enable certain EU member states to be bailed out without imposing the costs (...)

The unintended consequences of coronavirus

by Sergio Beraldo    12 February 2020    0

A new type of virus is holding the world in suspense by evoking images of the worst Hollywoodian nightmares. It is known that it spread out of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, China, and then quickly propagated throughout mainland China, at least for the moment. The mortality rate of this (...)

Limits to profit as limits to freedom: law and public policy considerations

by Riccardo de Caria    5 February 2020    0

Some time ago, the story of Martin Shkreli, an entrepreneur who made the news as a candidate for "the most hated man in America" (thus the BBC), caused a stir: he bought the intellectual property rights needed to produce a life-saving anti-AIDS drug, and immediately afterwards raised the price (...)

Nationalist and cosmopolitan positions about immigration

by Sergio Beraldo    29 January 2020    0

As shown in Peter Higgins’ book “Immigration Justice”, two distinct positions dominate the immigration debate. The nationalist position assumes that states should favor the interests of their own citizens over those of foreigners. By contrast, the cosmopolitan position claims that residents are (...)

Immigration, tolerance and identity

by Sergio Beraldo    22 January 2020    0

A few weeks ago, the bodies of 39 people were found in a lorry trailer in Essex. They were Vietnamese migrants, including eight women, three boys and twenty-eight men. The eldest victim was 44, the youngest 15. This was just one in a series of dreadful events that have occurred in Europe over (...)

Who is the ultimate boss of legislators: Voters, special interest groups or parties?

   21 January 2020    0

WP 2020-01. Politicians have multiple principals. We investigate the weights that politicians put on the revealed preferences of their constituents, special interest groups and party when deciding on legislative proposals. Preferences of constituents, special interest groups and parties are (...)

The Brydon Report on Audit. Will Banks’ Financial Statements Become More Reliable?

by Gordon Kerr, Cavin O’Driscoll with Enrico Colombatto    15 January 2020    0

Sir Donald Brydon, former Chairman of the London Stock Exchange, published just before Christmas his wide-ranging review of the UK audit industry. This is likely to have significant ramifications for bank financial reporting throughout Europe because (with only a few national opt outs) (...)

MiFID II: Too much consumer protection?

by Alexander Fink, Benedikt Schmal, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    8 January 2020    0

The recently updated European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly abbreviated as MiFID II, is supposed to enhance consumers’ protection. Adjustments of regulatory background questions aside, the EU aims to improve “protection of investors by prohibiting the acceptance of (...)

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