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Fiscal competition and economic freedom

2015 IREF Workshop in Spain
Monetary policies, taxation and entrepreneurship 6 years into the crisis

The 2015 Paper Workshop took place on 19 February 2015, in cooperation with the Rey Juan Carlos University. Over 60 participants took part in the workshop hosted in the pleasant environment of the Madrid university.
Here you can find the presented papers as well as pictures and posters from the event.

Three scientists presented the results of their research supported by the IREF.

To start, Pierre Garello gave his paper co-authored by Mina Baliamoune-Lutz on "The Effect of Tax progressivity on the quality of entrepreneurship".

Andreas Hoffmann then offered an explanation why low interest rates have not sparked any credit boom in the EU enlargement countries: "Why Do Low Interest Rates Not Fuel Credit Growth in the New Member States of the EU?"

Last but not least, Philipp Bagus presented his analysis of the 0 interest rate world in his paper "The ZIRP Trap - why low interest rates are a tax on recovery".

Pictures from the event:

Good turnout

Good turnout: over 60 participants found their way to the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Pierre Garello

Pierre Garello (middle) speaks about the impact of progressive taxation on entrepreneurship.

Andreas Hoffmann

Andreas Hoffmann (middle) describes the effects of low interest rates in the new EU members

Philipp Bagus

Philipp Bagus (middle) on the consequences of zero interest rate policy.

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