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Fiscal competition
and economic freedom

Conference on Taxation in the European Union

The European Fiscal Mosaic


Pr. Victoria Curzon-Price, University of Geneva

Pierre Bessard, Institut Constant de Rebecque, Switzerland

Me Jean-Philippe Delsol, IREF

Pr. G. Bramoullé, Paul Cézanne University, Aix-en-Provence

The future of fiscal policy in the EU: harmonization, flat tax or fiscal federalism

Pr. Lars Feld, Professor of Economics, Marburg Univeristy, Germany

Pr. Enrico Colombatto, University of Torino,

Pr. Krassen Stanchev, IME, Sofia.

Le "dumping fiscal" : une crainte ou un espoir ?

Pr. Victoria Curzon Price, Switzerland,

Comments : Jean Philippe Delsol (France), Benoîte Taffin (France), Radu Nechita (Romania)

Taxation and Justice

Pr. Enrico Colombatto (Italie) Comments : Hardy Bouillon (Germany), Barbara Lamprechter (Austria)

Déficits et dettes publiques en Europe

Pr. Pierre Garello (France) - download the presentation Comments: Pr. Philippe Maître (France)

Fiscal Competition in the US

Véronique de Rugy (France), Gérald O’Driscoll (USA),Fabio Padovano (Italy)

Is the Increase of Local Taxation Unavoidable? Decentralisation and Local Taxation in France and Europe

Introduction in French local taxation by Jean-Philippe DELSOL, Lawyer fiscalist

The misconduct of local taxation in France by Gérard Bramoullé, Professor of Economics at the University of Aix en Provence

Foreign countries’ experience on fiscal decentralisation :

Italy , by Giorgio Brosio, Professor of Economics at the University of Torino

Switzerland , by Victoria Curzon Price, Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva Germany , by Pierre Bessard, Journalist

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