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Energy Taxation in the EU

IREF and Liberalni Institut organized an international conference on energy taxation.

The conference took place on Thursday September 30th, 2010 at 4:00 pm at the Congress Hall of the Czech National Bank. The participants discussed the nature and scope of energy taxation in Europe, its economic ground and future development. Lecturers were Pierre Garello, Miroslav Zají?ek, Michael Fehn , Miroslav Šev?ík, Martin Chren, Ivo Strej?ek. The event was moderated by Prince Michael von Lichtenstein.


Welcoming address

Panel 1 :Energy Taxation in the EU

Pierre Garello (IREF)

Miroslav Zají?ek (Liberalni Institut, IREF)

Michael Fehn (Director, E.ON Czech Republic)

Coffee break

Panel 2: Tax Competition

Miroslav Šev?ík (Dean, Faculty of Economics at Prague University of Economics)

Martin Chren (State Secretary, Department of Industry, Slovak Republic)

Ivo Strej?ek (Member of the European Parliament)

Conclusion Remarks: Ji?í Schwarz (IREF, National Economic Council of the Czech Government)

Event will be moderated by: Prince Michael von Lichtenstein

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