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Fiscal competition
and economic freedom

IREF organises a conference on taxation at the University of Rennes, France

IREF is presenting three original academic papers at the conference, related to local taxation and fiscal decentralisation:

Interactions Between Central and Local Governments - J.M. Josselin and Yvon Rocaboy, professors of economics at the University of Rennes 1.

Tax Decentralization in Weak Institutional Environments - Sergio Beraldo, Assistant Professor of Economic Policy, University of Naples "Federico II" Massimiliano Piacenza, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Torino Gilberto Turati, Associate Professor of Public Finance, University of Torino

A comprehensive Test of Yardstick Competition Exploiting an Italian Natural Experiment - Fabio Padovano, Associate professor at the University of Rennes and Ilaria Petrarca, PhD student, IMT Lucca, Italy.

You can find the program of the conference and information relative to subscriptions here.

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