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Save The Date! Workshop at AAU in cooperation with IREF

Institut de Recherches Economiques et Fiscales (IREF) in cooperation with Anglo-American University (AAU) is organizing a workshop on topical economic problems

Effective regulation of moral hazard in banking
Long-term financial health of state pension systems
Effects of training in private and public sectors
Effects of perceived government legitimacy on how government retards economic growth

The findings of the IREF research projects will be presented by their authors Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd, Fabio Mendez, Niclas Berggren, Christian Bjornskov, and David Lipka and commented upon by AAU faculty.
The colloquium will be hosted by AAU at Lazenska 4, Praha 1. A buffet lunch will be provided to registered participants.

To Know More: Workshop AAU - IREF

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