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STEM Popularity in Germany – A Reason for Optimism

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    29 May 2019    0

German chancellor Angela Merkel recently expressed concerns over Germany’s and Europe’s technological competitiveness. Others voiced doubts about Germany’s tech future, too. One of the reasons mentioned more frequently to justify this pessimism is the shortage of skilled labour. As a result, calls (...)

High Standards: Curse or Blessing?

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    26 June 2019    0

Over the last few decades, our living standards have improved significantly. Today, cars are technologically sophisticated, apartments are comfortable, and pharmaceuticals are safer. The working of the markets has enhanced technological progress. Yet, technology does not progress linearly. (...)

Mass Unemployment and Skilled Labour Shortage?

by Alexander Fink, Kalle Kappner, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    4 September 2019    0

Germany’s labour market is buzzing. The unemployment rate is currently close to 5%. Althoughthe business cycle could cool down in the near future, the trend is not expected to reverse course in the coming years. In the long run, however, pessimism dominates. As automation intensifies, many (...)

Another Day, Another Ban

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    16 October 2019    0

Summer is not only the season of swimming trunks and barbecues, but also of vociferous politicians. One of the warhorses of this year’s silly season are bans. Whether it is plastic cutlery, oil heating or domestic flights, calls for bans are becoming louder across the political spectrum. Bans, (...)

Venture Capital in Germany: Nothing ventured, nothing gained

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    29 April 2020    0

N26, Celonis and Biontech are the most recent success stories of the German start-up scene. All three enterprises have collected higher sums of venture capital in the past year. As good as this news may be, however, the overall picture of the German venture capital scene is rather problematic. (...)

Term limits for better governance?

by Alexander Fink, Kalle Kappner, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    3 June 2020    0

The next elections to the German Bundestag have been moved up to autumn 2021. At that moment, Angela Merkel will have served as chancellor for 16 years. As opposed to Helmut Kohl in the 1990s, she does not seek re-election. Nevertheless, her tenure – which has been extraordinarily long for a (...)

Significant progress: healthcare in poor countries

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    29 July 2020    0

Coronavirus has spread quickly across the globe. As a result, healthcare systems in several industrialised countries have been pushed to and beyond the verge of collapse. The virus has now also reached poorer countries in Africa. Although it spreads rather slowly there and hits a younger (...)

Corruption: Another Plague in Europe

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    30 September 2020    0

As a reaction to COVID-19, governments are making extensive financial aid available. However, beyond helping out households and companies in need, aid also attracts opportunists. Because of this, the OSCE is expecting corruption to increase. Yet, this danger differs across countries, even (...)

Old democracies, high incomes

by Alexander Fink, Benedikt Schmal, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    4 November 2020    0

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, comparing political and economic system appeared to have become a futile exercise. Western democracies had outperformed the socialist-communist social systems. Yet, thirty years later we see that no “End of History” has occurred, and that the fundamental (...)

Nobel prize for UN world food programme – all that glitters is not gold

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    25 November 2020    0

This year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize came as a real surprise. The World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations received the award “for its efforts to combat hunger, for its contribution to bettering conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and for acting as a driving force in (...)

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