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Objectives, Instruments and Problems of Macroprudential Supervision

by Alexander Fink    21 May 2013    0

Since events related to financial, banking, and debt crises regularly make it into the news, a term that seemingly originated from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in the late 1970s has become more popular: macroprudential supervision. Whereas microprudential supervision relates to (...)

Deutschland Wages Über Alles

by Alexander Fink, Benjamin Buchwald, Petr Barton    11 October 2014    0

Germany’s minimum wage has been created at a pretty high level, higher than its equivalents in the UK or the US. Increasing the price and reducing the quantity of an economic activity it acts as a tax. A pretty unsocial one as it destroys jobs for the poor and punishes those who create them. (...)

Representation in Democracies: Unequal and Unfair?

by Alexander Fink, Kalle Kappner, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    27 March 2019    0

In light of increasing income inequality and wealth inequality in many Western democracies, some social scientists believe that democracy is in jeopardy. Do the rich have a disproportionally high influence on political decisions – in contrast with the ideal of equal representation of all voters? (...)

Just How Unequal Would We Still Be If We Were All Equal?

by Alexander Fink    19 March 2014    0

Suppose we had a society where the only difference among its members were their age. How unequally would wealth then be distributed? Among the chief factors causing wealth inequality are differences in income, inheritance and savings behaviour. But how much inequality would prevail if all (...)

Are half of all jobs bullshit? Bullshit!

by Alexander Fink, Kalle Kappner, Translated by Anna-Maria Kohnke    27 November 2019    0

In the 2000s, a short book by philosopher Harry Frankfurt made the term ‘bullshit’ socially acceptable. In 2018, anthropologist David Graeber published his bestseller, in which he argued that roughly half of the employment relations in the Western economies are ‘bullshit jobs’: they provide no (...)

MiFID II: Too much consumer protection?

by Alexander Fink, Benedikt Schmal, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    8 January 2020    0

The recently updated European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly abbreviated as MiFID II, is supposed to enhance consumers’ protection. Adjustments of regulatory background questions aside, the EU aims to improve “protection of investors by prohibiting the acceptance of (...)

Adjusting to Climate Change: Markets help

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    26 February 2020    0

Climate scientists warn against the possible consequences of anthropogenic climate change. Rising average temperatures make extreme weather, including draughts and floods, more likely; rising sea levels threaten populations in coastal regions. An international political agreement was to limit (...)

Pricey, Pricier, Pharmaceuticals in the US

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    1 July 2020    0

Five years ago, a US American hedge fund bought the distribution rights for Daraprim, a drug to cure AIDS. Overnight, the price went from $13.50 to $750.00. This price increase caused huge public outrage. Yet, high prices for pharmaceuticals are rather common in the US. No other healthcare (...)

Barely any European unicorns: What can the EU do?

by Alexander Fink, Fabian Kurz, Translation by Anna-Maria Kohnke    2 September 2020    0

Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb: these are only few of the numerous companies which have fundamentally changed our lives with new technologies in recent years. While their business models differ, none of the stars come from Europe. Apart from the serial entrepreneurs at Rocket (...)

Pretence of Knowledge: The Case of Jean-Claude Juncker

by Alexander Fink, Kevin Spur    25 November 2014    0

According to several reports, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is planning to introduce a 300 billion-euro investment package this Wednesday (November 26th). The idea is to establish a European fund that will assume liability risks on behalf of private investors. Only profitable (...)

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