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April’13: Bumpy Springtime for the ECB

by Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd, with Enrico Colombatto    11 April 2013    0

Bumpy springtime for the ECB: no recovery, another major blunder and more regulation. Times ahead are becoming increasingly hard as more EU countries are in trouble, new regulations are being introduced and banking and sovereign borrowing are difficult. 1. EU countries in trouble There were (...)

March’13: Austerity, Liquidation and Collapses

by Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd, with Enrico Colombatto    18 March 2013    0

This 3rd newsletter, written by Kevin Dowd and Gordon Kerr with Enrico Colombatto, is pointing out the auterity consensus tested as the Irish liquidation of Irish Bank Resolution Company, anayzing also further Collapses, Poor Results and Regulatory Arbitrage in banking. Domestic Policymaking (...)

May’13 Newsletter: The End of Austerity? Not Quite

by Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd, with Enrico Colombatto    15 May 2013    0

The May Newsletter explains the austerity concerns heralded during April, the European Banking Union issue, the coming implementation of the Tobin Tax and the fact that there was no major banking fatalities during the month. EU countries: Austerity is relaxed in favour of Structural (...)

September’13 Newsletter: Have We Really Turned The Corner?

by Enrico Colombatto, Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd    10 September 2013    0

In the two months since we last reported, the media has focussed on the rebound in the EU area, where in the second quarter GDP grew at an annualised rate of 1.1%. The atmosphere has been optimistic, so optimistic, that even the Aug 20 confirmation by Germany’s Finance Minister Schaueble that (...)

June’13 Newsletter: New Members Join The European Union, While Bail-Outs And Banking Regulation Are Questioned

by Enrico Colombatto, Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd    17 June 2013    0

Welcome to the clubs! Why should they join? The crisis is not over and doubts about the virtues of the EU and the euro abound. It may therefore seem surprising that not only are more countries seeking to join the EU, but also that some are joining the currency union. Croatia accedes on July 1 (...)

July’13 Newsletter: Asset Bubbles Become Policy Bubbles

by Gordon Kerr, John Butler, with Enrico Colombatto    15 July 2013    0

Leaders, institutions and markets are all looking for guidance to get out of the present crisis. Government confidence is at stake, institutions’ credibility is jeopardized and banking is close to fraud and collusion. Leaders looking for a compass In the first phase of the current financial (...)

October’14 Newsletter: National Debts Reappear, Old Issues Remain Unsolved

by Enrico Colombatto, Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd    15 October 2013    0

Something is rotten in the European Union! It looks like a hide and seek game, where countries and banks are playing a very dangerous game for the citizens’ future. Thus, between political instabilities, stealthy defaults, unhealthy and reckless banks and a real estate market that is (...)

November’14 Newsletter: The 2014 Agenda

by Enrico Colombatto, Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd    20 November 2013    0

More taxation, more banking supervision, more bail-in than bail-out, more banking malpractice... This month newsletter summarizes the trends that are leading the banking world. Is Low Inflation The Main Problem? Consumer prices have risen by only 0.7% over twelve months in Europe. This (...)

December’13 Newsletter: Growth Is Fragile, But Banks Might Be In Better Shape

by Enrico Colombatto, Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd    13 December 2013    0

GDP in the EU area seems to be growing, but at a very slow pace. Although financial market remain sanguine, the real estate sector presents a mixed picture, with bad news coming from heavily indebted countries. While waiting for better news, the authorities are devoting their attention to the (...)

January’14: Confidence Rises and Inflation Stays Low. Is Everything Under Control?

by Enrico Colombatto, Gordon Kerr, Kevin Dowd    15 January 2014    0

The statistics tell us that recession is over. Yet, while this has triggered tapering in the USA, it has also prompted a new of ECB promises to keep interest rates low. In the meantime, EU authorities do not seem how to deal with the world of banking, which is far weaker than meets the eye. (...)

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