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New Working Paper: To whom do MPs cater?

New Working Paper: To whom do MPs cater?The recent decision of the German Bundestag against the introduction of an opt out solution for organ donation has surprised many people. After all, the two leading health politicians of the coalition, CDU Health Minister Jens Spahn and SPD Health politician Karl Lauterbach, had publicly (...)

Asylum migration and barriers to labour market entry
Policy recommendations for easier access

The European Union has experienced an increase in asylum applications for several
years, with 2014 seeing 570,800 applications, an increase of 47% compared to 2013.
The year-to-year increase in applications will be even more pronounced in 2015.
Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, the Netherlands (...)

New Book: Europe in an Age of Austerity

New Book: Europe in an Age of AusterityTwo years ago, prof. Vani K. Borooah published a working paper for the IREF with the warning title "When the Lights Go Out". We are pleased to announce that the working paper has been since extended into a fully fledged book, now published by Palgrage (...)

Taxation in Europe - Yearbook 2013
The yearly report on the evolution of European tax systems

Taxation in Europe - Yearbook 2013A short presentation of IREF ’Yearbook on Taxation in Europe’ Series
Among the many ways to understand the climate of opinion and the culture of a country, looking at its fiscal system is one of the most rewarding. Sure, fiscal systems almost always rhyme with complexity; each system bearing the (...)

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