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What the Rich are Good For

by Jacob Arfwedson    6 September 2012    0

Advocates of redistribution often reckon that soaking the rich would eliminate poverty. Consider the following: the 10 largest fortunes in France amount to 14 per cent of GDP, or 272 billion euros. If we imagine a one-off redistribution of this wealth to the 8.2 officially poor, the sum awarded (...)

EU road safety regulations - high costs and few benefits

by Jacob Arfwedson    14 September 2012    0

New regulations from Brussels for periodical technical inspection (PTI) of automobiles will cost Slovakia’s drivers some 30 million euro, with questionable benefits says Radovan Durana, IREF correspondent in Slovakia (INESS). The major change in the new EU directive is the obligation to take (...)

The same euro mistake under a different name

by Jacob Arfwedson    2 October 2012    0

Despite being bombed by information, it seems we have forgotten the roots of the debt crisis. Instead we play a martingale game, where the only precaution after losing a round is to double the bet for the next one. The solution is not called EFSM, EFSF, ESM, SMP, OMT or banking union. These are (...)

The German taxpayers’ association demands a rebate

by Jacob Arfwedson    23 October 2012    0

As tax revenues are flooding into the Treasury, the German taxpayers’ association (BdSt) has asked the federal government to axe the "stealth" tax increases and to cut spending further. Current estimates show that tax revenues will be substantially higher than previously thought: a record 600 (...)

Taxes are the largest expense for Swedes

by Jacob Arfwedson    25 October 2012    0

Swedbank has calculated what Swedes already knew: taxes are by far the largest budget item for any household. An individual earning SEK 25,000 per month pays SEK 17,500 in taxes (of which SEK 6,100 to the municipality, SEK 4,300 in pension dues, SEK 3,380 to the health care authority and SEK (...)

IREF launches a petition against a new European treaty

by Jacob Arfwedson    13 September 2012    0

The European economy is under threat. But it is not by producing another treaty that it will be saved. In order to restore the trust required to produce economic progress, the states first must enforce the existing treaties, in particular the Maastricht rules on a 3 per cent deficit and a debt (...)

A Plan for Sound Money

by Jacob Arfwedson    17 September 2012    0

In response to the financial crisis in the euro zone, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI) has worked out and submitted to public institutions a plan which would help countries potentially exiting the euro zone to build stable and sound money. LFMI‘s proposal can be also used by the euro (...)

4.9 billion euros

by Jacob Arfwedson    7 December 2012    0

43 billion Swedish crowns . As stated by the Waste Ombudsman (Swedish Taxpayers’ Association), this is the amount erroneously paid out by the EU according to its Court of Auditors. These payments represent more than twice the amount that Swedish taxpayers send to Brussels every year. For the (...)

Season’s Greetings

by Jacob Arfwedson    21 December 2012    0

Celebrating that the end of the world has been temporarily postponed (presumably due to government planning) the IREF Paris team wishes you Happy Holidays. In lieu of Season’s Greetings, our Swedish and German colleagues have devised Calendars, revealing both government waste and clever advice (...)

The Single Income Tax

by Jacob Arfwedson    17 September 2012    0

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has published a summary of its final report, proposing a Single Income Tax to tax streams of income once. As stated by Allister Heath, Chairman of the TPA Tax Commission, "the old order is broken and needs radical reform. But we are also realists: our proposals, while (...)

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