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The Risky Business of Protectionism For Global Value Chains

by Lucas Léger    16 May 2013    0

Globalization is often associated with delocalization and unfair competition with emergent countries that are flooding us with cheap goods and services regardless of good environmental practices or social benefits these populations should enjoy, like in rich countries. Beyond this spurious (...)

The Precautionary Principle Against Science

by Lucas Léger    24 March 2014    0

The culture of the single transgenic maize (MON810 , produced by Monsanto) approved by the European Union has been banned from France. It is the third time since 2008 that genetically modified corn is banned from the French territory. The decree of March 15th states that "in light of scientific (...)

More Taxes, Less Revenues

by Lucas Léger    25 November 2013    0

This long-debated concept by policy makers and economists is coming back. That is because the Government believes that prosperity cannot be recovered without a strict “austerity policy”. But it actually means higher taxes only. Yet, the latest concerns of the French National Assembly on a (...)