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How Will Europe Deal With Italian Fiscal Defiance?

How Will Europe Deal With Italian Fiscal Defiance?Background to the looming standoff between Italy and the ECB
Italy’s new government continues to confirm its commitment to fiscal policies which have triggered sensationalist reports in mainstream media questioning whether Italy can remain a Eurozone country. The alliance between Italy’s 5 (...)

Policy Paper Series

Taxing corporations: why it is not only bad, but unjust

In recent years the issue of how much taxes corporations pay (and how much they should) has become extremely salient in Western countries. The attention to this issue has been mainly raised by news organizations on the corporate income tax paid by the subsidiaries of some major multinational (...)

Working Paper Series

Aging Populations and the Size of Government
by Ryan H. Murphy and Meg Tuszynski

Aging Populations and the Size of GovernmentWP 2018-04. Executive Summary.

Online Articles

Will Scotland’s Price Floor do more Harm than Good?

Will Scotland's Price Floor do more Harm than Good?Scotland has recently imposed a price-floor on all alcoholic products, requiring retailers to charge at least £0.50 per unit (equal to 8g of pure alcohol, according to the UK government). The intention behind this imposition is to restrict the affordability of cheap, highly alcoholic drinks, in (...)

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Taxation in Europe - Yearbook 2013
The yearly report on the evolution of European tax systems

Taxation in Europe - Yearbook 2013A short presentation of IREF ’Yearbook on Taxation in Europe’ Series
Among the many ways to understand the climate of opinion and the culture of a country, looking at its fiscal system is one of the most rewarding. Sure, fiscal systems almost always rhyme with complexity; each system bearing the (...)

Books of interest

Capital for the 21st Century

Anti-PikettyThe English translation of “Anti-Piketty”, a collection of essays by renowned international economists and historians, critical of Thomas Piketty’s volume, Capital in the 21st Century has been recently published by Cato.
Should one write a book opposing the ideas of another? It would be (...)

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