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The IREF in The Economist

Nicolas Lecaussin was quoted by The Economist (July 6th - Juy12th, 2013) about a report written with Lucas Léger on French high school economic textbooks. "The IREF study last year" said the Economist, "showed that, in one tome’s 382 pages, only 18 were devoted to business. "Entrepreneurs and business leaders are almost absent," noted the report, and "Globalisation and free trade are treated with distrust."

The Economist also pointed out that "In the economics and social science paper, pupils were asked to comment on a wealth-distribution table, showing that 10% of French households owned 48% of the country’s wealth, and then told to "demonstrate that social conflict can be a factor behind social cohesion." We still have the mentality of the class struggle, says Nicolas Lecaussin."

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