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10 Times More Economic Growth In The UK Than In France

According to the latest statistics, the economic growth in the United Kingdom has reached 3% (annual rate) in the last quarter of 2013. This is the highest rate since 2007. For comparison, the French growth was 0.3% yoy (2013).

Influencing Opinion Leaders

IREF wins capital victory in French Constitutional Council

IREF wins capital victory in French Constitutional CouncilA petition was submitted by French MPs to the Constitutional Council regarding the limitation on the wealth tax and the new regulations which were to take into account "virtual" incomes.
On 28 November 2012, IREF and the French Taxpayers Association addressed an argumentary (see attachment in (...)

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Banque de France vs Bundesbank

The staff costs are higher at the Banque de France than in the Bundesbank! This is one of the conclusions of our comparative study “Banque de France vs Bundesbank”. On the one hand, 1.45 billion euros, in the other hand, 700 million euros! Regarding pension costs, the comparison also makes a (...)

Topics (glossaire)

Effects of taxation on European multi-nationals’ financing and profits

Effects of taxation on European multi-nationals' financing and profitsImportant determinants of multinational firms’ choice of location include, besides resource cost and infrastructure, the taxation regime through its effects on international pricing and profits. This paper investigates the effects of tax rates on firms’ profits and financing decisions by (...)

Other substantive studies

Freedom of Education and Students’ Assessments

Freedom of Education and Students' Assessments The more freedom, the better the assessments ! That are the global conclusions of Sylvain Charat, Ph.D when comparing the European data base on school systems Eurydice and the OECD Pisa assessment data base.
The freedom of education is measured on 4 main points for each school: the financial (...)

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