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Copenhagen summit – a hope for whom?

While the world is moved deeply by the Copenhagen climate summit, several voices are disturbing the surrounding enthusiasm. The so-called climate skeptics have seen their cause promoted by the recent Climategate affair, which revealed that eminent climate scientists subverted the results of their research, and some other key data for the global warming theory seem to have been fiddled.

Other anti-global warming arguments have recently been evidenced. For example, professor Keith Briffa’s famous graph using tree rings to show unprecedented 20th century warming relies on thin data.

Some eminent agencies as NASA has proven to be selective about the global warming science, which chooses to trumpet the data on the melting of Groenland, but doesn’t said a word on the data on Antartic, which happen to show the opposite trend.

It appears more and more clearly that the worldwide consensus about global warming simply doesn’t exist, despite of medias and politicians, who want to make us belief the contrary. But we do have some certainty and it is about the cost of regulations and global warming bills.

Those costs will be borne by all of us, but they will be especially dramatic for the poor countries, which will see their access to development denied. On the other hand, it is more and more clear that some industries, like the nuclear one, are the obvious winners of this mise-en-scene. So the Copenhagen summit is may be a hope, but for whom?

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