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Ryan Khurana

Ryan Khurana is Senior Fellow for Great Britain at IREF Europe and Executive Director of the Institute for Advancing Prosperity. He focuses on technology and innovation policy.

Articles by this author (12)

The EU Needs Property Rights In Spectrum

by Ryan Khurana    19 September 2018    0

The European Union has been hard at work attempting to harmonise national markets in an effort to build a competitive and innovative Digital Single Market by reducing the ability for individual member states to develop cumbersome barriers to market entry. One of the flagship proposals of the (...)

The Politicised Nature of European Competition Policy

by Ryan Khurana    3 April 2019    0

A merger between the German conglomerate Siemens and French rail firm Alstom was blocked by the European Commission at the beginning of February over concerns that the new European rail giant would raise costs to consumers and stifle competition in transport. Less than two weeks later, the (...)

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