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Sergio Beraldo

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The Reassessed OECD Jobs Strategy Revisited

The Reassessed OECD Jobs Strategy RevisitedThe OECD Jobs Strategy was launched in 1994 in response to high and persistent unemployment in the member countries. Although unevenly spread across the labour force, at the time unemployment was indeed perceived as the main policy challenge facing the advanced countries.
The Jobs Strategy (...)

Sugden’s Response to Behavioural Paternalism

Sugden's Response to Behavioural PaternalismThe Community of Advantage by Robert Sugden has just been published by Oxford University Press. The author is a professor at the University of East Anglia, a member of the British Academy, and an influential economist. In his youth, influenced by Nobel Prize winner James Buchanan, Sugden worked (...)

How Do Governments Circumvent EU Fiscal Rules?

How Do Governments Circumvent EU Fiscal Rules?The European Fiscal Board (EFB) - an agency established in 2015 by the European Commission to evaluate the implementation of EU fiscal rules and to advise the Commission on fiscal policies suitable to the euro area - has published its second annual Report (10th October 2018). The Report reviews (...)

Who Is Afraid Of Populism?

Who Is Afraid Of Populism?If one wonders what Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Jeremy Corbyn and Matteo Salvini have in common, the answer is that each of them has been labelled populist, a word whose meaning is therefore being diluted as a result of loose usage. As emphasized by the BBC commentator Lionel Shriver, starting (...)

Would De-Growth Make Us Happier?

Would De-Growth Make Us Happier?Economists use the per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the main indicator of the level of material well-being achieved by a country. The GDP is the cake with which we feed ourselves; the portfolio to draw on to meet our material needs. In recent years, there have been many critical (...)

Regional Convergence In Europe And The Redesign Of Cohesion Policy

Regional Convergence In Europe And The Redesign Of Cohesion PolicyIn order to achieve a satisfactory degree of socio-economic cohesion, the European authorities have long recognized the importance of convergence in per capita levels of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As the fulfilment of this objective requires that relatively poor regions exhibit per capita (...)

How Long is Long-Term Persistence?

How Long is Long-Term Persistence?A paper by economists Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza and Luigi Zingales (GSZ) has recently made headlines and received widespread approval within the academic community. Their contribution, titled Long-term Persistence, provides the empirical test of a hypothesis put forward in 1993 by American (...)

Populinomics Italian Style

Populinomics Italian StyleAfter some months of amazing promises made by politicians pledging whatever might have warranted to them a parliamentary seat, the judgement day has finally come, as Italy’s general elections were held on March the 4th. Apparently, something like a tsunami materialised. In reality - however (...)

The miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes in the Italian electoral campaign

The miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes in the Italian electoral campaignItalian general elections will be held on March the 4th, and these weeks will be remembered as a time when promises abound and all Italians are assured that from March on they will bask in eternal happiness. This is great news for Italians, after all what they suffered during the past years: no (...)

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