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What’s Next On The Fiscal Trend?

by Sylvain C    14 February 2013    0

The IREF’s aim is to defend and promote economic freedom and fiscal competition. Our aim goes against the OECD’s last study that was commissioned by the G20 and called “Addressing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting”. It will be presented on February 15th at the G20 Summit in Moscow. The OECD claims (...)

Innovations Need Companies, Not Government

by Sylvain C    25 February 2013    0

In a recent article, Lucas Léger, an IREF associate researcher, pointed out that even if the research is a French Government priority, entrepreneurship and innovation are not supported and the basic research would better off without Government intervention. Once elected, François Hollande, as (...)

The Civil Servants’ Working Time

by Sylvain C    28 February 2013    0

The IREF figures on civil servants’ working time in the OECD countries were quoted in the radio show "Carrément Brunet" on RMC.

United Kingdom: 2.8 jobs created in the private sector for 1 public job lost

by Sylvain C    25 April 2013    0

These figures, calculated by the IREF, point out what is happening in the United Kingdom governed by Premier David Cameron. Since the Tories arrived in power in 2010, between 500.000 and 600.000 public jobs disappeared while the private sector created 1.4 million jobs. Even if the United (...)

Well-Being Ranking: France Is 18th on 34

by Sylvain C    13 June 2013    0

In which country would you live best? In France, amid interventionist politicians and cocooned by a Big Government? Not at all… The last OECD data about the well-being in the member States has ranked 34 countries. France is ranked… 18th. Australia is first, followed by Sweden and Canada. It is (...)

Bailouts, Monetary Policy and Banking: Where Is The European Union Heading?

by Sylvain C    13 February 2013    0

Prof. Enrico Colombatto (Turin), IREF scientific director, has provided his update on EU policies. This month, he describes sovereign bailouts, the probable change of monetary policies, and the repayment of ECB loans. Domestic. How are the high profile struggling countries faring – Greece, (...)

Taxing In and Out Of France

by Sylvain C    27 February 2013    0

Fighting tax exile: this is Yann Galut’s aim. This French Socialist representative is at the head of a Committee created in the National Assembly to think out measures against tax exile. The work of this committee should end up in bills introduced in the Parliament as soon as May. Yann Galut (...)

The Truth About Foreign Investments in France

by Sylvain C    28 February 2013    0

Are there as many foreign investments in France as Arnaud Montebourg claimed in his letter to Maurice Taylor? In his article, Lucas Léger, IREF researcher, analyzed statistical data and concluded that Montebourg was wrong. The truth is that, compared to the United Kingdom and Germany, France is (...)

World’s Most Admired Companies

by Sylvain C    5 July 2013    0

Fortune has ranked the 50 most admired companies worldwide. Of course, Apple, Google, Amazon and Coca Cola are above all others. Among non-US companies can be found two German companies (BMW and Volkswagen), one Swiss (Nestlé), one from South Korea (Samsung) and one Irish (Accenture). But none (...)

Latvia : The Only EU Country Meeting The Maastricht Criteria

by Sylvain C    5 July 2013    0

This little county on the shores of the Baltic Sea will become the 18th member of the Eurozone. That is well deserved since Latvia meets all of the Maastricht criteria. Its public debt amount to 40% of its GDP compare to 70% in Germany and 90% in the Eurozone. The maximum public debt rate (...)

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