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Establishing a revolutionary newspaper: transplanting liberalism in a pre-modern society

by Aristides Hatzis    3 October 2020    0

WP 2020-05. In late 1823 two representatives of the London Philhellenic Committee (a Philhellenic group established to support the Greek War of Independence from Ottoman rule) arrived in Missolonghi in Western Greece to administer a loan to the revolutionary Greek government and help the (...)

Greece’s Institutional Trap

by Aristides Hatzis    16 November 2018    0

WP 2018-11. Executive Summary. The Greek Crisis is usually discussed in connection with three different deficits: the budget deficit (15.4% of GDP in 2009), the trade deficit (14% of GDP in early 2008) and the current account deficit (14.7% of GDP in 2008). The collapse of public finances in (...)

200 years of modern Greece

by Aristides Hatzis    7 July    0

„I hope that our government, more enlightened and more liberal than in the past, will be in the future the true friend of the best and noblest cause that exists; and that the name of England will forever be dear to the Greeks.“ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley in a letter to Alexandros Mavrokordatos (...)