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Biofueled Unintended Consequences

by Krassen Stanchev    11 April 2018    0

In mid-January, the European Parliament voted a resolution to phase out the use of palm oil as a component of clean diesel by 2021. This is a ban only on one ingredient, all other diesel “cleaners” are not treated. In particular, the Parliament asked the Commission “to take measures to phase out (...)

Croatia and Bulgaria: in-waiting of the Euro

by Krassen Stanchev    9 September 2020    0

While Europe’s GDP declines (12.1% in the Eurozone and 11.9% in the EU) and the debate on the EU next 7-year budget becomes heated, the relations between specific countries and the EU went largely unnoticed. The fact in point is that on July 10, the ECB welcomed Bulgaria and Croatia to the ERM2, (...)

The proposal for a minimal global corporate tax: G-7 in the role of a taxman

by Krassen Stanchev    21 July    0

Edmund Burke once said that “No government ought to exist for the purpose of checking the prosperity of its people or to allow such a principle in its policy”. In contrast to this principle, however, in June and July finance ministers and central bankers met in London and Venice to check the (...)