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The Economics of Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

by Luigi Curini    28 November 2018    0

US President Donald Trump’s (in)famous tweet-storms have been used as anecdotal evidence of his volatility, anger, etc., but they are also an important source of policy information. After all, it has been repeatedly noted how Trump uses social media, particularly Twitter, as a way of addressing (...)

Game of Thrones: Italian Style

by Luigi Curini    27 December 2018    0

In less than 25 years, the Italian political system has experienced three watershed elections, an unmatched record among most (if not all) Western European democracies. In 1994, the entire Italian political galaxy, which had been dominated by Christian Democracy party for almost 50 years, (...)

The Solitude of Neoliberalism

by Luigi Curini    6 February 2019    0

So-called "neoliberalism" is nowadays more often than ever the scapegoat of anything wrong happening in contemporary democracies: from economic crisis to increase inequality, from the rise of populism to environmental catastrophes. Those who criticise it assume that support for laissez-faire (...)

Can The Market Stop Populism?

by Luigi Curini    2 May 2019    0

The relationship between populism and market economy is problematic. Despite some important exceptions (e.g. President Donald Trump), populist parties (and candidates) quite often place themselves much closer to the pro-State extreme than to the pro-Market one. It is often argued that populist (...)

So different, yet so alike (to Donald Trump?) The 2019 Democratic Primaries on Twitter

by Luigi Curini    24 July 2019    0

After the incredible Republican presidential primaries opened the path to the surprising, to say the least, Donald Trump Presidency in 2016, today the Democracy Party is involved in a quite similar situation. While three years ago there were 17 candidates at the Republican primaries (5 of them (...)

It’s the ideology, stupid! Journalists, citizens, and the declining trust in the news

by Luigi Curini    11 December 2019    0

Over the years, we have witnessed a general decline in the level of trust in the news as recorded by the general public. For example, according to the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report, the average level of trust in the news is down 2 percentage points to 42%, with peaks such as -11 (...)

Happiness, populist parties and the virtue in the middle

by Luigi Curini    4 March 2020    0

Recently, a new "specter" has been haunting Europe: populist parties (left or right, here we have the full menu) appear to gain more and more approval at the polls. In some cases, they also manage to win the elections and enter the cabinet. From Hungary to Poland, Spain, Italy (and, according (...)

The Riddle of Populism and Ideological Polarization: the Difficulty to Live Without Both

by Luigi Curini    8 April 2020    0

The literature has put forward two main arguments to explain the recent rise of populist parties and their electoral success. On the one hand, commentators have highlighted the rising level of uncertainty about the economy and grievances among the losers in global markets. Resentment, it is (...)

Is a CNN/FOX world inevitable?

by Luigi Curini    9 December 2020    0

Two distinct patterns have been characterizing the news media landscape lately, First, according to the World Press Trends data, for example, daily print newspaper circulation between 2012 and 2017 has declined by 20 percent in Europe, 12 percent in North America, and 31 percent in Oceania. Of (...)

On the Rise (and Fall) of fake news hype

by Luigi Curini    16 June    0

For some years, they have been the undisputed queens of political talk shows, the master key used by most commentators to explain the whatever. There was no election in which they did not make their triumphal appearance: The «leave» won at Brexit? Fault of fake news! Trump becomes president? The (...)