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Limits to profit as limits to freedom: law and public policy considerations

by Riccardo de Caria    5 February 2020    0

Some time ago, the story of Martin Shkreli, an entrepreneur who made the news as a candidate for "the most hated man in America" (thus the BBC), caused a stir: he bought the intellectual property rights needed to produce a life-saving anti-AIDS drug, and immediately afterwards raised the price (...)

(Not) Making Good the COVID-19-Related Damages: A Law and Economics Lesson

by Riccardo de Caria    6 May 2020    0

The damages caused to individuals and businesses by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic are so vast that it will be almost impossible to make an accurate estimate of them. However, if those who contributed to such destruction can be called to account for it, by way of civil liability, the (...)

Offers they can’t refuse: a (negative) assessment of the impact on business and society at-large of the recent fortune of anti-discrimination laws and policies

by Riccardo de Caria    29 July    0

WP 2021-04. The article considers the relationship and balance between freedom of economic initiative and obligations deriving from anti-discrimination laws. After providing a theoretical framework of the problem of the limits to contractual autonomy arising from the horizontal application of (...)

Mandatory green pass? Just the latest episode of spiralling state interventionism

by Riccardo de Caria    4 August    0

Much of the socio-economic damage linked to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted from poor regulation: the coronavirus would certainly have caused much less damage in contexts more respectful of the principle of individual responsibility. Unfortunately, poorly conceived regulation continues to lead (...)