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Freedom of Education and Students’ Assessments


The more freedom, the better the assessments ! That are the global conclusions of Sylvain Charat, Ph.D when comparing the European data base on school systems Eurydice and the OECD Pisa assessment data base.

The freedom of education is measured on 4 main points for each school: the financial autonomy, the HR autonomy, the curriculum autonomy and the parental choice.

Main results :

1- On the 5 European school systems ranked in the Pisa elite, 100% are freedom oriented.

2- On the 20 European school systems that are above or in the OECD average, 60% are freedom oriented, i-e 12 of them.

3- On the 19 freedom oriented European school systems, 63% are above and in the OECD average (12 schools systems) and 37% are below (7 school systems).

Read the complete study in French :

La liberté éducative et les résultats des élèves

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