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Rockets and Feathers in the UK Energy Market: Cartel or Competition?

A new European path towards globalization?

ECB Interest Rate: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

What is the future of the Northern Powerhouse?

European Safe Bonds – Can Europe’s problems be Saved by Clever Financial Engineering?

By Bailing out unimportant banks Italy has undermined Banking Union

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The civil aviation sector and the possible effects of Brexit

Competitive pressure is changing the landscape of air travel and traditional national airlines need to adapt to the new environment. The situation is particularly complex and uncertain in Europe due to the Brexit talks. However, if the outcome of the negotiations will be a truly liberalized (...)

Tax on Robots? Old Wine in new Bottles

Robots will significantly alter the working life over the coming decades and will take over many tasks which are currently performed by humans, for example in care and nursing, in the logistics sector or in legal counselling. Undoubtedly, humankind benefits if robots take over other tedious (...)

The Origins of Private Property
by Enrico Colombatto and Valerio Tavormina

WP 2017-03. Executive summary
• Property rights play a crucial role in economics: They define the very essence of this discipline, which studies how individuals exchange in order to enhance their welfare, subject to scarcity constraints.
• The recognition and enforcement of private property (...)

UK Productivity and Brexit
The 2017 Mansion House Speech

As we recently pointed out, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Phillip Hammond, was left aside by the Conservative party during the last campaign for parliamentary elections. With him, economic issues and detailed plans regarding Britain after Brexit were also largely neglected. After the (...)

Large Spanish Bank Failures Raise Investor Fears over Bail-Ins; whilst Pressure Grows in Italy over Monte Dei Paschi

Bail-ins Expected after Banco Popular fails in Spain. Chewing gum accounting
Just as elections of political leaders have become difficult to predict, it is becoming harder to guess which of Europe’s beleaguered banks will be bailed out and rescued, or allowed to fail thus exposing creditors (...)

UK 2017 Elections

On the 8th of June UK citizen will vote to elect a new Parliament in a snap election called by current Prime Minister Theresa May. The very short campaign so far has focused very little on economic and strategic policies. The key issues considered so far have been instead immigration policies, (...)

The Greek Privatizations

Greece is in dire need of structural reforms, both in terms of public finances and real economy. Privatizations, especially if accompanied by appropriate liberalization policies, can improve the efficiency and profitability of a sector and can contribute to the economic success of a country. It (...)

IREF’s call for research projects
Guidelines and information

IREF is a free-market oriented think tank based in France. It promotes ideas, debates, events, and rigorous academic research.
With regard to research, IREF supports original research projects that lead to the production of papers of academic quality of at least 7,000 words. This support is (...)

Climate change
What we know, what we don’t know. What to do and what not to do. By Francesco Ramella

WP 2017-02. Executive summary
The prevailing opinion among national governments and supranational institutions is that climate change science is settled and drastic cuts in the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases will be necessary in the next few decades to prevent dangerous climate (...)

Capital for the 21st Century

The English translation of “Anti-Piketty”, a collection of essays by renowned international economists and historians, critical of Thomas Piketty’s volume, Capital in the 21st Century has been recently published by Cato.
Should one write a book opposing the ideas of another? It would be (...)

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