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A “poisoned” Apple for the EU?

Capitalism and Democracy

September’16 Financial and Banking Features Newsletter

Brexit’s turmoil and UK commercial property funds

Reform in the market for Higher Education in England

The wind of Brexit on the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

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Call for research proposals

Call for research proposals
IREF is happy to support research papers in public finance (taxation, gov’t expenditure, public debt), federalism, (de)regulation, competition policy, trade, capital movements, money and monetary policy, EU policy making, pension systems, innovation and (...)

Italian Banks: Bail-In or Bail-Out

Something is rotten in Italy, namely Italian bank loans amounting to € 360 billion. For around one out of five loans payback is doubtful. Such an imbalance in the Italian banking sector is a reminder of the financial crisis in 2008. In response to the crisis the European Single Resolution (...)

Economic Freedom: Remedy against Corruption

During the next months the Olympic Games will take place in Brazil. As was already the case during the Football World Championships 2014, we will see many reports about the widespread corruption in this country. Unfortunately, far less attention will be paid to how underdeveloped economic (...)

Efficiency and productivity of tax courts
by Roberto Ippoliti and Giovanni B. Ramello

The key requirement for economic prosperity is the rule of law. In turn, a critical component of the rule of law is an effective judicial system, which is also responsible for the enforcement of contracts and for settling disputes in the presence of unexpected contingencies.
Roberto Ippoliti (...)

The Serbian r(EU)volution passes through privatization and political stability

A difficult economic scenario
The Serbian economy needs a shock to take a path of recovery based on growth and modernization. The IMF recently argued that even if the country “continued to make important progress in fiscal consolidation… important challenges remain to ensure a durable fiscal (...)

July’16 Financial and Banking Features Newsletter

Post Brexit, Sterling weakens. Brexit will retest Central Banks’ Firepower. Will Scotland’s Resurgent Independence Campaign Want to Keep the Pound?
The reaction of financial markets to the Brexit vote was well covered by the press. After initial sharp falls, stock markets throughout the (...)

New Policy Paper Available: Taxing corporations: why it is not only bad, but unjust
by Pierre Bessard and Fabio Cappelletti

Our latest Policy Paper is now available.
Taxing corporations: why it is not only bad, but unjust by Pierre Bessard and Fabio Cappelletti (Liberal Institute, Geneva, Switzerland).

Taxing corporations: why it is not only bad, but unjust

In recent years the issue of how much taxes corporations pay (and how much they should) has become extremely salient in Western countries. The attention to this issue has been mainly raised by news organizations on the corporate income tax paid by the subsidiaries of some major multinational (...)

The potential of sharing (the) economy

Some figures on the sharing economy
The sharing economy is a market system that requires peer-to-peer-based sharing of access to goods and services. The sharing is possible thanks to the use of digital platforms that allow peer-to peer transactions. The phenomenon (gross revenues were (...)

A report on the IREF Workshop in London (6th June 2016)

On Monday the 6th of June 2016 an IREF workshop in cooperation with St. Mary’s University took place in London. International academic presenters gave talks on their recent research articles, providing stimulating and interesting insights on issues that are at the centre of the IREF proposals. (...)

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