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November’16 Financial and Banking Features Newsletter

Speculation: Beneficial to the Market Economy

October’16 Financial and Banking Features Newsletter

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The collateral effects of political integration on credit growth in the new member states of the EU
Andreas Hoffmann

We are excited to report that the IREF paper "The collateral effects of political integration on credit growth in the new member states of the EU" by Andreas Hoffmann has been recently published in Economic Systems.
Since 2009, low interest rates have been associated with (...)

Italy and the need for a new industrial revolution

The Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, has recently announced the intention of the government to invest 13 billion euros to help modernizing Italian manufacturing. Leaving aside reasonable doubts regarding how the government will manage to raise these funds, it appears evident that Mr Renzi (...)

Economic Growth without a Government?

Economic Growth without a Government?
Germany 2005, Belgium 2010-2011, USA 2013, Spain 2016: Even in well established democracies it can happen that governments lose a substantial part of their competencies or have to confine themselves to their representative tasks. There can be various (...)

A “poisoned” Apple for the EU?

The EU Commission’s investigation
After a three-year investigation, on the 30th of August 2016 the European Commission has concluded that Ireland should recover up to €13bn (£11bn) from Apple. The Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, said that Ireland allowed Apple to pay substantially less than (...)

Capitalism and Democracy

Capitalism and Democracy: A recipe for Wealth and Freedom
Almost 90% of all Germans believe that democracy is the best political system, despite the slight decrease in approval ratings during the past few years. However, only a quarter of the population thinks the same way about capitalism, (...)

September’16 Financial and Banking Features Newsletter

The absence of structural reforms brings the effectiveness of ECB policy increasingly into question. The Financial Stability Board claims that banking reform is largely complete. Despite a quiet summer, there is plenty of evidence that it (...)

Brexit’s turmoil and UK commercial property funds

Commercial property sector in UK after the Brexit referendum The UK’s choice to leave the EU triggered great instability on the financial markets resulting in currency value shocks and asset volatility while both businesses and consumers’ confidence fell sharply. Commercial property has been amid (...)

Reform in the market for Higher Education in England

In May 2016, the Ministry for Universities and Science of the UK Government published the white paper “Success as a knowledge-economy”. The explicit intention of the document is to indicate a path of reform for higher education in the country. The proposal argues in favour of a series of (...)

The wind of Brexit on the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

The agreement
On the 5th of July, just a few days after the UK expressed its intention to regain trade negotiation autonomy with the Brexit referendum, the EU has found itself in a pivotal position. It had to take an important decision regarding the nature of the Comprehensive Economic and (...)

Call for research proposals

IREF is happy to support research papers in public finance (taxation, gov’t expenditure, public debt), federalism, (de)regulation, competition policy, trade, capital movements, money and monetary policy, EU policy making, pension systems, innovation and entrepreneurship. The emphasis is on (...)

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