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September’14 Financial & Fiscal Features Newsletter

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Low interest rates contribute to weak labour markets A new measure of Unemployment and Labour Market Conditions gains support at the Annual Jackson Hole Conference. Doubts continue about European QE as near-zero interest rates may actually be preventing employment from picking up. Concerns about Repo Market Disruptions The Repo market is becoming less attractive due to new Leverage Ratio rules. Doubts remain as to whether this can prevent reoccurrence of credit seizing up should insolvency worries reappear in the financial sector.

iref_fffn_september_2014.pdf What we used to call “Money and Banking” has recently graphically facelifted into a “Financial and Fiscal Features” Newsletter. You can find the latest issue in the .PDF file. It can be either read on your screen/e-reader or printed out. You can print it out either on normal A4 sheets or on a single double-sided A3 which can be folded to make a simple “newspaper”. The last page has been specially formatted so that it can be printed separately on a self-standing single sheet and pinned to a public notice-board at your place of work or learning, if you think it is appropriate and if you think others would also benefit from what we have to say.

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