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Tanja Porčnik

Articles by this author (3) :

“Mini Schengen” – Western Balkans’ Embrace of the Market

“Mini Schengen” – Western Balkans' Embrace of the Market French President Emmanuel Macron’s spearheaded opposition to block European Union accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia during the European Council’s recent meeting in October. By doing so, he is not only dangerously and severely undermining the credibility of the EU accession process. (...)

The flirtation with illiberalism

The flirtation with illiberalismWhile all of the former socialist economies have liberalised and strengthened their markets over the past two decades, they have failed to strengthen the rule of law (see Table 1). Under socialism, legal systems are not designed to protect the rights of individuals. Instead, they serve the (...)

Eastern Europe 30 Years After Revolution

Eastern Europe 30 Years After RevolutionIn 1989, revolutions began sweeping across Eastern Europe. Communism was counting down its final days and what would soon be the end of the Iron Curtain. Eastern European economies were on the verge of leaving socialism behind and welcoming a market economy. Thirty years later, public policies (...)

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