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Luigi Curini

Articles by this author (3) :

The Solitude of Neoliberalism

The Solitude of NeoliberalismSo-called "neoliberalism" is nowadays more often than ever the scapegoat of anything wrong happening in contemporary democracies: from economic crisis to increase inequality, from the rise of populism to environmental catastrophes. Those who criticise it assume that support for laissez-faire (...)

Game of Thrones: Italian Style

Game of Thrones: Italian StyleIn less than 25 years, the Italian political system has experienced three watershed elections, an unmatched record among most (if not all) Western European democracies. In 1994, the entire Italian political galaxy, which had been dominated by Christian Democracy party for almost 50 years, (...)

The Economics of Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

The Economics of Donald Trump's Twitter AccountUS President Donald Trump’s (in)famous tweet-storms have been used as anecdotal evidence of his volatility, anger, etc., but they are also an important source of policy information. After all, it has been repeatedly noted how Trump uses social media, particularly Twitter, as a way of addressing (...)

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