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28-th of May – Tax Freedom Day for Romania


According to Eurostat, the public expenditure in Romania in 2009 was 40.4% of the Gross Domestic Product. This means nothing else but the fact that 40.4% of the wealth was spent by someone else, not by the people who actually produced it. On average, they could dispose only 59.6% of the results generated by their efforts. This implies that romanians worked 147 days for the state. Consequently, 28th of May is the Tax Freedom Day for the Romanian taxpayers.

To make a comparision in 2010 the Tax Freedom Day in the USA was in April 09, in the UK – the 30th of May, in China – the 1rst of June and in France it will be in the middle of July.

The Tax Freedom Day in Romania is celebrated by the Independent Center for Studies in Economics and Law.

Tax Freedom Day in 2009

Australia April 29
Spain May 9
Lithuania May 23
Brazil May 25
Bulgaria May 27
Canada June 6
Belgium June 8
Czech Republic June 13
Slovenia June 24
Germany July 8
Israel July 17
India July 31
Sweden August 17

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